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About Us

The story of this company starts off like most, however with no end in sight.


The story begins in the year 2000. Randy Walker found himself caught in a position where politics and capitalization had limited his ability to satisfy production for the company where he had worked. Inspired by the thought of managing his own company. Mr. Walker created WalkerHVAC in Arlington, Texas to maximize his true potential and abilities.

What sets apart WalkerHVAC from other companies? From day one, Mr. Walker established a goal for customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is why WalkerHVAC has successfully been in the industry for 13 years. Over these years, WalkerHVAC was built on commitment to the customer, referrals and the overall loyalty in the residential domain. Eventually this achievement provided an opportunity into the commercial industry. Allowing WalkerHVAC to better serve the residential and commercial communities.


In 2013, WalkerHVAC has taken enormous steps to focus on the profit smart theory. This theory means WalkerHVAC cannot grow faster than it takes to keep QUALITY WORK and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Staying profit smart keeps the WalkerHVAC foundation sturdy and strong for a successful future in the air and heating industry.


To get a chance to meet the star of this success story, give us a call. Then you will soon understand why WalkerHVAC is the choice for quality, professionalism, and above all CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


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