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Is Your Coil Costing You?

Indoor evaporator coils can be a big source of problems


An evaporator coil is part of your indoor unit. During the cooling cycle, the coil is filled with cold refrigerant. Air moves across this cold coil causing the cooling effect.

Dirty Coils

The Truth

Dirty coils restricting airflow and coils leaking refrigerant cause:

 Freeze ups

 Water leaks

 Hot rooms

 Loss of system capacity (inefficiency)

 High electric bills


Here is the absolute truth:


If your evaporator coil leaks refrigerant, the entire air conditioning system will be inefficient (working at a loss of capacity). This results in uncomfortable rooms and high electric bills.


While insulation, energy efficient windows, and other home improvements are important, they will not solve the problem of a "leaky" coil.


The Only Solution:


Replace the evaporator coil to ensure proper operation of your air conditioner. Other home energy projects (insulation, energy efficient windows, etc.) will now help your system operate more efficiently.


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