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Products & Services

Walker HVAC's highly trained and experienced technicians specialize in:


 Repair Service

 Air Conditioning

 Heat Pumps

 Gas Furnaces

 Unit Replacement

 Duct Repairs & Upgrades

 Air Purification

 And More...

Air Filters

Standard 1" disposable air filter are 3-5% efficient. There are many alternatives available to help keep the air in your home clean. Also, if your filter is hard to replace, we can help.

Duct Work

Ductwork is a very important component of your total comfort system!


Did you know...


 The Department of Energy estimates typical duct systems lose 25-40% of heating or cooling energy.

 Each year residential duct leakage costs consumers $5 billion. This energy is the equivalent to:

    • The annual oil production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    • The annual energy consumption of 13 million cars.

 Properly Sealed Ducts will:

    • Improve the efficiency of your system and save you money.

    • Reduce pollen, dust, and other airborne particles in your home.

    • Decrease humidity which will lower mold, mildew and condensation.

 If your ductwork is dirty, there could be air leaks


If you have hot or cold rooms, we can fix it! We repair broken and leaky duct systems and do total duct replacements.


Equipment Repairs

If you have high energy bills, call us before you buy! New equipment may not help!


Walker HVAC is:

 Licensed by the State of Texas.

 EPA Certified.

 Insured for your protection.

 Not in business to sell unnecessary parts.


If you have need of repairs call us! We service all makes and models of central air conditioners and furnaces!

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